Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm a part time amateur photographer who shoots mainly horse show events in the Antelope Valley of California. I got into this gig because both my wife and daughter like to ride in these type of events, and I was initially just trying to get some decent photos of them from the side lines. Well, after many failed attempts, I decided that maybe I should photograph a few other riders for practice. After some time (a long time!), I finally started getting results that I kinda liked. Well, at least I liked them better than the ones I was getting when I first started. I'm always trying to learn new techniques for capturing riders on horseback, so I suspect the style of these shots will evolve.

I also like to photograph landscapes, wildlife, people, pets, and other things, so I will probably be creating some galleries with these non-horse photos to share with people.

I picked the name "Rough String Photography", because my photography is a lot like a rough string of horses, not yet fully trained and I don't always get what I hope or expect from my limited skills . I'm still learning a lot about photography in general, how light behaves to enhance or detract from an image, framing, camera settings etc. I think I will be pretty rough at this craft for a long time to come.

Orion Westfall